Len Suzio on The Vinnie Penn Project

Senator Who Alerted Public to Eversource billing scam blames legislature for new outrageous rates

Cites 2018 legislation mandating increased use of expensive energy sources

Former state senator Len Suzio, who in 2018 alerted the public to billing overcharges on tens of thousands of residential utility bills, blamed the Connecticut Legislature and overpaid Eversource executives for the recent stunning increase in electric bills that have thousands of consumers reeling and fuming.

“Politicians in Hartford are running for the tall grass and blaming the utilities for the big increase in consumers’ July electric bills. But it was the passage of SB-9 in 2018 that set the stage for the shocking increase in consumer electric bills this month. That bill mandated a whopping increase in the use of expensive energy sources and set aside a special bidding process for electricity provided by the Millstone Power Plant,” said Suzio. “Meanwhile, the Eversource bosses are laughing all the way to the bank. Too many legislators were in the tank for Eversource, and we need to call them out,” Suzio said. 

Even worse, this is just the beginning of what will be 10 years of increasing electric rate hikes as the utilities purchase increasing amounts of energy from inefficient and expensive sources,” Suzio announced.

The temporary hold that PURA put on these rate hikes is a hoax – they are trying to buy time so that those responsible can sneak past the next election. The only solution is a change in the law”, Suzio said.

“If you don’t like this month’s rate hikes, wait to you see next year’s, and every year thereafter for the next 10 years,” Suzio said.

“Everyone is pointing fingers at everyone else. But it all started with the Connecticut legislature, followed by the toothless “watchdog” PURA, and the greedy executives at Millstone and Eversource. No one was looking out for Connecticut’s overburdened electricity consumers.” Suzio concluded.