During the last 10 years Governors Malloy and Lamont and the Democrat controlled legislature passed 4 big tax increases, including 2 of the biggest tax increases in the history of Connecticut – but the state continues to face multi-billion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see.

Connecticut families cannot afford more tax increases. Len Suzio will continue to fight future tax increases. We need to balance the budget the old fashion way – prudently cutting spending and not increasing taxes.

While serving in the state senate Len Suzio served as vice-chair of the Transportation Committee where he successfully fought Governor Malloy’s toll plan. During 2019 and 2020 he worked with No Tolls CT to help stop Governor Lamont’s tolls scheme. Len wrote numerous articles published in many Connecticut papers explaining how the Legislature raided gas taxes and used them to balance the General Fund rather than allocate the money for transportation infrastructure. Len’s informative op eds helped to expose the lies in the propaganda of toll proponents.

In his last term Senator Suzio introduced a new tax deduction for Connecticut taxpayers for contributions they make to the “Citizens-in-Need Fund”. Any contributions also would be eligible for deduction for federal income tax purposes. The Office of Fiscal Analysis issued an analysis that indicated the legislation would help Connecticut balance its budget and raise money for Connecticut charities to provide services to Connecticut’s neediest families. The legislation passed the Finance Committee and the Senate but died in the House where it was not voted upon. Senator Suzio plans to bring this proposed tax deduction forward next year if elected.